Payroll Information

Cut-off Times and Important Forms

Payroll is run once a week for locum jobs. In order to be paid, timesheets must be received by MPP Locums before 08.00am on Friday to be paid on the following Friday. It is the workers responsibility to ensure timesheets are sent and received on time. Do not leave it until last minute to send your timesheet as you may miss the deadline.

Expenses to be received by 5pm Tuesday.

Timesheets can be sent by post to:

MPP Locums
Head Office
Great West House (GWH-1)

Timesheets can be emailed to or faxed to 0845 122 0413/ 0845 122 1033

To download a printable PDF timesheet click here
To download an electronic expense claim form (Excel) click here
To download an Inland Revenue P46 form click here

Please note Important Payroll Information:

18th November 2010 - Important Agency Shift Pattern Change

For the attention of all agency staff working in NHS Hospitals.

As and from Monday the 15th of November 2010 NHS Buying Solutions have instructed all agencies to change the times at which the night rate ends on a shift and the day rate begins.

Up to the 14th of November 2010 all night shifts will have ended at 07.59am. The day shift did start at 08.00am.

From the 15th of November 2010 all night shifts will end at 05.59am. The day shift will start at 06.00am.

For all the latest information on MPP contracts, company announcements, and latest jobs, visit . Where you cannot see a job you are looking for please call our offices on 0845 122 0414 as we receive new nurse jobs and doctor jobs every minute.

23rd April 2012

Payroll Frequently Asked Questions:

Why am I on BR/0T for a tax code?

A BR Tax Code means you are getting taxed at 20% on your total Taxable income rather than receiving the £8,015 yearly Tax-Free Allowance. There are two reasons for this:

1. If we are not your sole Employer and you are already claiming the Tax-Free allowance from another Employer then you cannot also claim it through MPP or;

2. You have not sent through a P46 form which we require to change your tax code. If that is the case please fill that out and send to us.

When will I be getting my P60?

P60's which are used for your annual tax return will be sent to you by the 31st May 2012.

Further Contact Details:

If you require any further information on help you can email on or call the team on 0845 122 0414.

When do I have to have my Timesheet sent by?

Timesheets are to be faxed through to 0845 845 122 0413 by 8am Friday morning.

Alternatively they can be sent by post to be received by 8am Friday to the following address:

Payroll- MPP Locums Level 10 Great West House (GW-1) Brentford, London TW8 9DF

When do I receive payment for these Timesheets?

We run our Pay-Cycle weekly which means all timesheets that are received by 8am Friday will be received in your bank account the next Friday.

Can I email my timesheet?

Unfortunately you cannot. This is because the resolutions of the scanned images are unable to be picked up by the software that is used by the Hospitals.

How do I know if my Timesheet has been processed?

This can be easily found by logging on to on the Locum Portal through MPP Locums website. Once you have logged into your online account please click the Summary of Shifts Tab. Once here if there is a Green Tick next to the shift that means we have received and processed the timesheet you have sent through.

Why can't I call and check if my Timesheet has been received?

Faxed timesheets are actually not received in a Paper form rather in an electronic format. These are then sent individually to Payroll staff to process. This has dramatically improved processing time for Timesheets ensuring all timesheets sent by the cut-off will be paid.

Our staff does not have access to check if timesheets are in the queue therefore unfortunately have no way of telling if your timesheet is received. The only thing calling staff will achieve is under-utilising valuable Payroll staff time which can be used to ensure your timesheet would be processed and paid.

The best thing to do is send your timesheets well before the cut-off and checking your account on the website. Process time will be a lot quicker during non-peak periods, which are near the cut-off time, and therefore will appear on-line a lot sooner.

Where can I print more Timesheets?

These can be found in the Payroll Information Tab on the MPP Locums website.

What do I need filled on my timesheet?

• Signature by Doctor in charge • Date of Shift • Start and End time of Shift • Any breaks taken • Your name and signature

I have just started working through MPP. What forms do you require and what information do you need?

1. For us to pay you we do need your Bank Details which is your Sort code, Account Number and Account Name.

2. We need a completed and signed P46 form, which can be found on our Website.

3. We send texts to let you know when your salary will be paid and we also email payslips to you. Please ensure you provide your co-ordinator with a valid mobile phone number and email address.